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Artificial Intelligence behind the brain in Warehouse Management


Smartlog combines cutting-edge technology in a Warehouse Management System piloted by a brain capable of learning and correcting the behavior of robots in real time to adapt to new scenarios.

A vision that champions the precepts of Industry 5.0, putting technology at the service of the well-being of people and the environment.

The logistics sector is going through a unique period in its existence, due to the irruption of a series of technologies, each one more disruptive than the previous one.

Adapting to all of them and at the same time looking for the sustainability of processes and focusing on the well-being of people is the real challenge of logistics 5.0, which follows the precepts set out by the European Commission in its concept of Industry 5.0, where machines and their interaction with humans will be the central element of production processes.

This is where the Gipuzkoan company Smartlog comes into play. With a workforce of more than 120 people, 10 companies in the Group and subsidiaries in North, Central and South America, as well as in the Middle East and North Africa, Smartlog has a suite of WMS (Warehouse Management Systems) and data monitoring and exploitation technology and Artificial Intelligence, a division specializing in the logistics of healthcare centers and hospitals and another that is dedicated to automating the processes of production lines.

Not only does combines the whole range of new technologies, but it also includes, both in its vision and in its purpose, the precepts of sustainability and well-being, placing people, from employees, customers, users, collaborators, and social actors at the centre of its strategy.

Sistema de robótica móvil de AutoStore utilizado por Smartlog Group

Environmental commitment

Sustainability and the well-being of people has environmental care as one of its catalysts. Logistics has a significant impact on the environment, which is why sustainability and resilience are at the core of this new logistics era. Smartlog is committed to reducing environmental impact and optimising resources. By seeking efficiency in their customers’ processes and energy management, they manage to reduce resource consumption, surplus stock and waste, while optimising land use. This not only benefits the environment, but also improves efficiency and reduces operating costs.

The technological heart of Smartlog

The key to success in an automated warehouse is not just in the robot, but in the design of the robot and the brain that manages it. Smartlog’s software and data mining technology act as the brain of the supply chain. They combine data-driven mobile robotics solutions with technologies such as IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, creating a system that learns from the operation of all assets and automated processes, generating models to propose improvements, schedule maintenance, adapt behaviour in real time and predict new scenarios. All of this allows us to have a much broader vision of logistics activity over time and to make decisions in advance.

Logistics 5.0

People at the heart of the business

Logistics is undergoing an unprecedented transformation. Against this backdrop, Smartlog has a clear and ambitious vision: to become a trusted global leader in the field of intralogistics. Our aim is to "Create a new sustainable, resilient and people-centred logistics". Starting with our employees, we enhance their competencies and knowledge to make them feel more empowered. We design safe, ergonomic, and pleasant working environments for them to perform their work with satisfaction. Our automation solutions eliminate forced, tedious and dangerous tasks, allowing employees to focus on more meaningful work, eliminate errors and make more informed decisions. Security and cybersecurity are also at the core. With image- and voice-based biometric identification technologies, we improve security, especially in dangerous or restricted areas. With cyber security we ensure the protection of data and information of our valued customers. This collaboration between people and technology brings us to another key part of this equation: personalization. Thanks to our technology, we get as close as possible to the specific demand of each consumer, with shorter delivery times and a service that, in the end, is of higher quality. Once again, people are at the centre, in this case a consumer who has a much more satisfactory experience in the relationship with the products and services he or she consumes.

6 Smartlog keys

Smartlog’s 6 keys to promote the new logistics era are:

1) Warehouse automation.

2) A holistic view of the entire supply chain. This is the only way to reduce total operating costs, improve customer service quality and generate a return on investment.

3) Companies must invest in forward-looking technology and information systems.

4) Data and anticipation are the basis of the solution.

5) Support and collaboration. It is necessary to have a company that offers personalised, close attention and a local service in each place and country.

6) Justified return on investment. All investments must be justified. Focus on calculating the time needed to obtain a return on investment.

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