Optimal order preparation logistics mean managing to deliver the largest number of orders at the lowest cost in the shortest time

Order preparation includes all the processes from receiving an order in the warehouse to dispatch or programming delivery to the customer.

It is essential to have modular, scalable solutions to optimise operational activity time, eliminate errors in orders and take maximum advantage of storage capacity.

Goods to person

Goods to person is a method of order preparation that combines automated storage and retrieval with precise, ergonomic picking processes. Products are stored in the system and sent automatically to the person at the time when they need them.

Smartlog automatic picking strategies and data integration technologies make your warehouse ready to successfully meet the challenges of the future.



This is a compact robot-based order preparation system that allows items to be stored in bins stacked on top of one another, managing picking tasks in a fast, optimal way.

It is designed to handle large volumes of items in small orders with fast or slow movement, and also small boxes for operations requiring high-density storage.


We have different versions for vertical storage and order preparation.

Thanks to their flexible, modular design, these systems can adapt at any time as volumes and sizes of products change.



Smartrot is an automatic vertical carousel to give fast, precise access to the products stored in it.

Its design offers maximum storage space in minimum floor space.

This facilitates the operation of work flows aimed at efficiency, so significantly boosting productivity.


Smarthoca is our horizontal storage and order preparation option.



Thanks to its smart design, this system allows movement in all directions and changes of level so that any pallet can be moved anywhere in the storage facility.

It can carry heavy pallet loads of up to 1,500 kg. Picking stations and tunnels are installed for order preparation so that products can be retrieved safely, avoiding the need to take out the whole pallet.

Stacker cranes

Our catalogue includes mini load, single, double, triple or multi-depth and multi-aisle self-supporting and stacker crane solutions, as well as more compact, flexible robotic systems which in turn complement picking involving people such as smartpallet or the AutoStore system by Smartlog.


Advantages of goods to person

Real-time inventory

Ergonomics for people

Taking advantage of space at height

Easily scalable

Fully automated order preparation processes

24-hour operations even with the lights off

High-density storage

Boosts efficiency and precision, as well as eliminating errors

What is the best option for your company?

At Smartlog our engineers start out from an exhaustive analysis of the processes and operational features of a business to propose the best order preparation technologies.

Our goal is to help you cut costs, boost productivity and offer reliability and scalability to cope with periods of increased activity or business growth.


At Smartlog we embrace disruptive and emerging technologies for our future solutions.

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