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Tecnologías de picking

We design and implement innovative systems to automate picking

Picking is the set of processes involved in order preparation. It includes the operations of selecting and retrieving the elements necessary to make up, package and programme the delivery.

Our automated solutions and data integration technologies make any warehouse ready to successfully meet the challenges of the future.

At Smartlog we offer custom solutions to automate picking, placing and sorting to boost your customer service.

Picking technologies

Pick to light

This offers a precise, efficient, paperless method of picking, placing and sorting of products. It allows increased productivity in order fulfilment, improves precision in preparation and optimises personnel costs.

Pick to light systems are particularly versatile and effective in areas with high and dense volumes. When employees used methods based on paper, RF or voice they can spend more time manually finding the right picking location than walking to it.

Put to light

This system is designed for restocking in a shop.

It is usually installed on carton flow shelving, with the individual shipping boxes open in the store placed over or under the visual device designed for the system.

Pick cart

Storage shelving is laid out to cope with a high volume of orders in a small space.

This paperless process speeds up operations by boosting the precision of orders and reducing journeys to and from the inventory warehouse.

Batch picking

This consists of putting several orders together in packages according to their destination in a single round of preparation. This makes it easier to prepare many orders at the same time by separating them into batches. Like this, employees take full advantage of their picking routes, reducing their journeys and the problems associated with congestion in warehouse aisles.

Benefits of batch picking:

  • Minimises journey distances and saves time.
  • Facilitates access by employees to the different products.
  • Speeds up the process, allowing safer, more comfortable working.
  • Maximises productivity and cuts logistics costs in the company.
Voice picking

This is an effective tool as it makes it possible to keep people’s hands and eyes free.

Rapid integration and short training time make it a profitable option, with precision rates of over 99.5%.

Specifically designed for use with RF hand scanners and mobile devices.

Can be implemented as part of the warehouse management system of integrated with an ERP as part of the warehouse control system.


  • Visual signals for precise retrieval, avoiding errors.
  • Rapid return on investment.
  • Versatile and adjustable.


At Smartlog we embrace disruptive and emerging technologies for our future solutions.

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