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WMS Software


Software SGA/WMS

Galys: Our own Smartlog management system

Integrating all logistics operations.

Our Galys warehouse management software is a smart system that can communicate with all the company’s existing intralogistics processes in a flexible, scalable way.

Automation of all processes

An operations management tool able to integrate, control and manage supply chain processes, as well as boosting the profitability of the different warehouses by always seeking a more efficient process and improved service.

Software SGA/WMS

Collaborative system

This is a collaborative system with a host of possibilities for monitoring logistics centres, with open interfaces for inter-communication with other systems such as ERP from incoming goods to supplying, storing and preparing orders, internal transport and information for the end customer in the case of e-commerce operations.

Proactive and predictive management

Monitoring based on the exploitation of data, AI and machine learning enables this software, like our own system for facility monitoring and predictive management, to learn from the operation of all automated processes, proposing improvements, planning maintenance tasks, recommending new configurations and predicting new scenarios.

Like this we manage to anticipate the future and supply global solutions, by making the whole supply chain smart.

Software SGA/WMS

Advantages of Galys WMS software

Optimises the supply chain and boosts levels of service

Improves productivity, reduces errors, obsolescence and operating costs

Profitable solution with a rapid return on investment

Allows fast, data-based decision-making


Software SGA/WMS
  • An intuitive, graphic and easy-to-use tool to guide the operator with clear, concise instructions on performing their task.
  • Monitors, displays and optimises countless processes.
  • Little training time.
  • Makes it possible to view, reduce and calculate ideal stock levels.
  • Provides information on inventories, movements and operations in real time.
Versatilidad y flexibilidad
  • Works with a wide range of products in different sizes, weights, individual items or cardboard boxes.
  • Able to cope with peaks in business or avalanches of orders.
  • It can be expanded and adjusted as operations change, or the amount of product references and stock increases.
  • Groupings of identical or different items, pick and pack and assignment of orders to customers.
  • Organised picking modules.
Software SGA/WMS
  • It rapidly identifies the returned item on arrival, and links it to the item sent.
  • It can be integrated with a quality check list, allowing it to re-enter the flow.
  • It can check whether the item is part of another order pending preparation in order to assign it and send it directly for packing.
  • Integrates easily with other systems or processes.
  • Remote connection.


At Smartlog we embrace disruptive and emerging technologies for our future solutions.

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