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AS/RS (Automatic Storage and Retrival System)

AS/RS (Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems) are integrated, automated storage and retrieval systems

Their function is to make the best possible use of space in warehouses, so boosting their efficiency and productivity.

Our catalogue includes mini load, single, double, triple or multi-depth and multi-aisle self-supporting and stacker crane solutions, as well as more compact, flexible robotic systems which in turn complement picking involving people such as Smartpallet or the AutoStore system by Smartlog.



The Smartpallet is a multidirectional pallet storage system designed for efficient storage, handling and order picking of pallets. It revolutionizes traditional shuttle concept by offering intelligent storage. Its pioneering design allows movement in all directions and shifts between levels, providing the flexibility to move any pallet to any storage space within the system. It is capable of transporting loads of up to 1,500 kg. To enable order picking, tunnels and picking stations are installed so that products can be safely picked, eliminating the need to remove the entire pallet.

The system organizes and optimizes the warehouse automatically, integrating with the customer’s ERP systems and processing lines to manage the pallets without manual intervention. This system helps to increase storage density, allowing the construction of warehouses up to 30 meters high. This can add up to 60% more pallet space compared to traditional storage solutions in the same area. It also provides the possibility of eliminating overhead costs in the storage environment, reducing heat loss, labor costs and general expensed.


High-density storage (Up to 55% more than in a traditional system)

Reduces operating costs (Operational downtime, personnel, product damage...)

Flexible. Easily adapts to the warehouse structure without major structural changes

Scalable. You can add more shuttles as the business grows

Faster order processing

Increases efficiency and productivity

Sustainable. Reduces the carbon footprint, optimizes energy consumption, utilizes space efficiently, and reduces the risk of accidents

Transelevadores de un único pasillo

Stacker cranes. Single-aisle stacker cranes

Ensure high speeds for efficient storage and retrieval at peak times.

Their main advantages are modularity, flexibility and easy adaptation to the space.

All the modules can be combined with one another to allow for graduated configurations. Like this it is possible to operate an automated high-level warehouse reliably and economically and adapt to increased productivity or refitting of existing warehouses.

Multi-aisle stacker cranes

Access all storage aisles using machines guided by rails directly, quickly and safely.

These systems shorten access times in any warehouse system.

Transelevadores multi pasillo

Advantages of smart AS/RS

Increased productivity, performance and efficiency

Taking maximum advantage of the space available

Improved ergonomics and less journeys for people

Optimised process times

Providing secure, accurate real-time inventory data

Easy installation and maintenance

Fully scalable. Modular, integrated design

What is the best option for your company?

This equipment is highly versatile and can handle practically any type of load. The smart systems built into it ensure availability and a long working life.

At Smartlog we offer you the most flexible, profitable solutions for your business.

To achieve even greater efficiency, these technologies can be integrated with other automation systems and with our warehouse software.


At Smartlog we embrace disruptive and emerging technologies for our future solutions

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