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Uruguay´s WIS company joins Smartlog Group


Strategic incorporation: Uruguay´s WIS company joins Smartlog Group to redefine logistics management at international level.

WIS, the leading infologistics company in Uruguay since 1999, and Smartlog Group, dedicated to providing cutting-edge intralogistics solutions and services, join forces to redefine logistics management. The result of this union is a suite of warehouse management software solutions from Smartlog Group, designed to bring digitalization and intelligence to the entire supply chain. This suite is not only intended to transform logistics operations, but also to empower the industry to become more efficient, sustainable, and prepared for future challenges.

The new suite, which combines the expertise of WIS and Smartlog Group, aims to transform how companies manage their logistics operations and supply chains. This comprehensive asset management solution enables interconnectivity and remote monitoring, providing flexibility and scalability through a collaborative platform. From goods receipt to final customer delivery, including storage and order preparation, this suite offers personalized and seamless communication with all logistical processes, systems, automation, and IT technologies.

It also offers the possibility of integrating with our own data monitoring and exploitation technology to unify the capabilities and knowledge of all company assets, management tools, and digital resources into a Big Data platform with Artificial Intelligence.

Versatility and customization are hallmarks. This new suite can be used independently or combined to adapt to a wide range of needs and operational realities in diverse industrial scenarios, from conventional companies taking their first steps towards digitalization to those looking to fully automate their warehouses; this solution fits all requirements.

In summary, this collaboration between WIS and Smartlog Group transcends the boundaries of traditional business management and leads organizations towards a smarter and more successful future. It drives efficiency, intelligence, and digitalization, enabling companies to anticipate the future with confidence and vision.

We are very proud to join Smartlog Group since it gives us the opportunity to position ourselves as leaders not only in Uruguay but also in the countries where Smartlog is present, and to develop new modules and applications. We feel like part of this family, and our DNA aligns closely with theirs.

This operation translates into the development of a new international reference suite in a segment with high growth potential. It represents our vision towards a smarter, sustainable, resilient, connected, and agile logistics future. By joining forces, we open up new opportunities and ensure an even brighter future for WIS and Smartlog. Moreover, our clients can benefit from tools that not only enhance efficiency but also empower companies to anticipate the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.

About WIS

WIS is an innovative company that provides consulting services and specialized software solutions for logistics, using state-of-the-art technologies that drive efficiency and performance in the world of supply chain. With extensive experience in various industries, WIS generates value to all its clients’ logistics processes by surveying and designing them during their projects, while also offering software solutions that implement industry-leading best practices. This combination of logistics knowledge, high-quality systems, and cutting-edge technology has been its main differential since 1999.

WIS has a suite of software tools that complement each other, addressing a company’s supply chain comprehensively. They also natively integrated with Smartlog Group’s automations, generating enormous benefits in efficiency and reduction of operating costs.

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