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Sistemas transportadores

Conveyor systems are devices that allow goods to be transported from one place to another within the warehouse

There are several types of conveyor systems, from robotic solutions to other more conventional ones. The key to efficient logistics lies in choosing the right system for each warehouse, company or business.

The synchronisation and automation of the whole facility is what really boosts its efficiency and performance

Our Galys warehouse management software fits into the company’s processes and offers statistics and reports to improve flows and performance.

Sistemas transportadores

Advantages of conveyor systems

They boost efficiency and reliability on the basis of automation of repetitive operations and processes

Smart movement and careful handling keep products safe

Improved ergonomics and less movement for people

They optimise other processes, such as picking, loading and unloading

What is the best option for your company?

At Smartlog we identify the best solution for every client. We design, manufacture and integrate efficient, automated modular conveyors for both light and heavy materials.   

The goal we aim at is to provide high performance, more efficient product handling and maximum support for operational processes, taking into account ergonomics and safety for people. 


At Smartlog we embrace disruptive and emerging technologies for our future solutions

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