Faithful to our roots

Smartlog is a business group founded in the Basque Country with an international vocation. Values, culture, technology and the spirit of service make up our DNA.

on the client

We support you to make your business grow

Our clients’ satisfaction and their present and future success are our highest priority.

As a top business group, we strive for excellence and sustainable growth.

We work to forge honest, solid, lasting relations of trust.

Estamos cerca para trabajar mejor

We're close to your to work better

We offer attention and direct, personal service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We are there throughout the life cycle of our solutions, from RDi and needs analysis through to implementation of the specific solutions and subsequent follow-up and constant improvement.

Personalisation and scalability for you to successfully meet the challenges to your business

The extensive portfolio of products and technologies we offer enables us to supply the solutions best suited to meet each company’s specific needs.

We offer technology of our own to make the whole supply chain smart and allow us to anticipate the future, new scenarios and needs.

Your success is our success

We want our clients to make their businesses profitable, to reinforce their leading positions and to strengthen their prospects of future growth.

Omnichannel retail
Last mile

Excellent planning, the right software and robotic solutions to cope with new consumer behaviour.

Boosting efficiency and productivity in the warehouse

Boosting productivity, performance, inventory and precision in order preparation by minimising errors.

Re-engineering and optimising processes

Optimising the flow of materials, information, processes and administration of operations and activities. Doing away with repetitive tasks.

Leadership in the sector

Cutting overall operating costs, levels of service and ability to respond.

Growing together

Support every step of the way, reviewing the efficiency of facilities and monitoring. Predictive technology.

Making the most of space

Taking maximum advantage of space. Our solutions are always with a global view, looking to the future.


Reducing environmental impact. Assuring sustainable growth and enhancing well-being and quality of life for people.

Flexibility, scalability

Modular, scalable systems that are quick and easy to install for constant adaptation to changes, trends and regulations on the market, as well as new products or customers.

We design your logistics
of the future

One client
One solution
One interlocutor

We supply personalised, innovative smart solutions.

Smartlog Group’s great strength is that it is a single supplier of solutions that bring together technologies from different partners. We are there from start to finish, in every phase of the life cycle of the logistics project, with complete turnkey solutions. We want to help our clients to achieve their aspirations and their business targets, now and in the future.

Collaboration with partners

We surround ourselves with the best technology partners on the market to ensure the successful implementation of custom products and solutions.

We have our own methodology to meet any logistical and industrial engineering need. And we stay out in front with Lifecycle Management Service, basing our work on best practices and lean techniques to achieve the best results.

Reliability and availability of products and solutions

Our priority is to offer maximum reliability and availability of solutions, systems and processes.

We constantly seek new formulas to improve and to perfect standards. Our international clients back us up.

Warehouse Management Software

Our warehouse management software (WMS) integrates and manages the whole operations flow, allowing predictions to be made and connection to systems of communication with consumer.

Innovation and technology
At Smartlog we go a step further

Innovation and technology are part of our culture. The team of professionals at Smartlog, with vast experience in intralogistics projects, is focused on offering solutions to enable clients to adapt easily to constantly-changing markets and successfully meet their business challenges.

Visión de futuro

Vision of the future

At Smartlog we have our sights set on the future.

We want to become a trusted global leader so that our clients can benefit from innovative, smart and sustainable solutions.

Keeping up with technology

We have an RDi team to stay ahead of the increasingly specific, demanding challenges facing our clients.

We are an independent solutions integration company that forges solid alliances with our strategic associates, suppliers and partners to add the most cutting-edge equipment and systems on the market to what we offer.

Vigilancia tecnológica
Intralogística predictiva

Predictive intralogistics

We have our own predictive management and monitoring system based on the exploitation of data, artificial intelligence and machine learning, which means the system learns from all the automated processes in order to propose improvements, plan maintenance tasks and recommend new configurations. This technology helps us to predict situations and take decisions that result in improved reliability, efficiency, profitability and competitiveness in businesses.

Galys. Our Warehouse Management Software

Galys is an integrative system able to provide overall solutions, manage the whole flow of logistics processes and connect systems and applications for communication with consumers.

Galys, software de gestión de almacenes

Committed people,
the key to success

Smartlog is based on principles of honesty, and open, transparent culture and maximum integrity based on shared ethical values.


We work responsibly, in accordance with standards of ethics, sustainability and compliance.


Commitment and honesty

We have a totally client-focused, diverse team of people, committed to our goals. We combine experience with enthusiasm, honesty with efficiency and passion with commitment.

Enterprising spirit

We have our gaze set on the future, promoting innovation and keeping up with the latest technology to be pioneers and position ourselves at the cutting edge. We set ourselves great challenges, to expand our knowledge and develop new capacities. Like this we set out to be more independent and agile every day.


Developing talent

We invest in talent long-term and encourage training and professional and personal development to build up individual skills. We strive to boost our flexibility and adapt to move towards new cultures, new innovations, new technologies and new challenges.

Leadership and teamwork

Leadership and teamwork are the keys to strengthening our corporate culture, which is why we encourage autonomy, leadership, participation in management and teamwork. This also extends to relations with our suppliers, clients and partners.


Communication and transparency

Communication and transparency are the main ways to strengthen people’s commitment. We share goals and achievements because we believe this is the way to achieve maximum satisfaction, motivation and engagement for everybody.

International company,
local presence

Worldwide local

We want to be there wherever our services are required and act locally in a proactive way.

We provide exclusive, quality services in the countries where we offer our solutions, with locally-managed custom R&M packages.

International growth

Our growth strategy involves consolidating our leading position in the countries where we work, and activating expansion into new markets.


With its head office in Urretxu, northern Spain, Smartlog currently provides solutions and services in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and North Africa.

We work for
a more sustainable future

At Smartlog Group we want to make our small contribution to building a more sustainable, prosperous planet, and we are laying the foundations of our lines of action in the area of sustainability.


Clients and consumers

Our business culture



Society and commitment

Environment and energy

Clients and consumers

We work to satisfy our clients and earn their trust by seeking sustainable mutual growth. Our projects cover the whole life cycle and reduce its environmental impact considerably.

We innovate and constantly seek pioneering technologies in order to anticipate our clients’ needs and offer them maximum value. The consumer experience is very much a part of all the solutions we design and implement.

Environment and energy

We want to actively contribute to protecting the environment. Our solutions minimise the environmental impact of our clients’ processes and enhance safety, ergonomics and visibility for employees.

Making appropriate use of natural resources, minimising our impact and preserving the environment, as well as raising people’s awareness, all form part of our road map.

Our business culture

We strive to comply with legislation, regulations affecting the environment and applicable internal rules in all the countries where we work.

We stay in active contact with institutions, companies and the general public in order to openly exchange sustainable opinions and ideas.

We have an integrated management system and we hold ISO 9001 quality management certification, proving our focus on constant improvement.


Alliances with different suppliers and OMSs at global level play an increasingly strategic role at Smartlog. We seek to forge lasting relationships based on ethical principles and maximum professionalism. Fostering the reduction of social, ethical and environmental risks in the supply chain is our responsibility.

We collaborate with suppliers, networks of technology centres, cluster, institutions, and training schools at local level to support industry and enterprise.

Our commitment to society

We are aware of our responsibility as a company. Currently our primary commitment is reflected in our concern for quality growth and wealth creation in the settings and countries where we work, and in our predisposition to collaborate with stakeholders in society.

The people who make up Smartlog Group

The people at Smartlog are without a doubt crucial to achieving results, both financial and social and environmental, in the medium and long term.

We have a diverse, committed team of people.

We foster leadership, trust, communication, teamwork and participation in management.

We foster talent, in-service training and the pooling of knowledge to ensure professional development.

We respect diversity, gender equality, non-discrimination and dialogue, as opportunities for our growth.

We advocate fair, attractive working conditions, in which flexibility and work-life balance are important factors.

We continue to prioritise resources for industrial health and safety systems prioritising safety, well-being, ergonomics and occupational and personal health.

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