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Mobile robotics


As an intralogistics solutions integration company, we monitor technology constantly in order to take up the latest advances. Innovation is in our DNA

Our strategy for the future is clear: we are committed to data-based mobile robotics to automate warehouses, having included these technological solutions in our catalogue.

Connectivity, big data, the internet of things (IoT), biometric verification and image processing systems, autonomous and collaborative robots, as well as artificial intelligence, all form part of the projects implemented by Smartlog.

Mobile robotics is one of the most important pillars of the warehouse of the future

They keys to implementing mobile robotics are based on the needs of companies today, in any sector or in e-commerce, omnichannel or microfulfillment environments.


Cut operating costs

Cut overall cycle times

Meet consumer expectations and wishes

Improve speed of delivery

Adapt to rapid changes in demand, expansion of product lines, new channels or shortened delivery times

Meet a range of requirement within a single business: e-commerce, multi-channel retailing, last mile, microfulfillment

Take on sustainability targets

Cope with the complexity posed by different sites or facilities in a single business and operations flow

Need to monitor and analyse data for constant improvement

Our catalogue features more and more robotics-oriented solutions

Advantages of mobile robotics

Availability, reliability and precision close to 100%

Flexibility, scalability and machine learning to anticipate any situation

Efficiency. Improved speed and productivity is at the core

Increased storage density and capacity

Reduced implementation times

Safety, comfort and ergonomics for people

Reduced carbon footprint

Rapid return on investment

What is the best option for your company?

Smartlog is focused on autonomous mobile robotics.

Our portfolio includes several handling, configuration and loading options. To offer the option that best suits your needs and requirements.


Disruptive and emerging technologies

The appearance of disruptive and emerging technologies is bringing with it transformation, of which Smartlog is a part.

Connectivity, biometric verification systems and image processing, collaborative robots and artificial intelligence are just some examples of this.


Offers the chance to integrate processes, systems, technologies or entire facilities for the sake of efficient management.

The future will be data-driven and the key to exploiting the power of data in the warehouse lies in the combination of the management system and intelligence built into automation systems.

Artificial intelligence and big data

Recent advances in AI and machine learning are helping to cut development costs and boost adaptability, making possible more applications offering improved profitability and safety.

Monitoring based on the exploitation of data makes the whole supply chain smart. Our Galys warehouse management software and our Kaptain device learn from the operation of all assets and automated processes. The two of them generate the knowledge necessary to anticipate the future and resolve overall situations, plan maintenance tasks, propose improvements and new configurations and predict new scenarios.

Biometric technology

Based on recognition of a unique, non-transferable physical feature of the person.

We are currently working on projects based on biometric verification systems and image processing associated with artificial intelligence and collaborative robotics.

Advances in viewing and handling

We are currently taking major steps forward in vision and detection, navigation, gripping and automatic learning, as well as sound.

Automated picking is becoming a possibility thanks to major advances in robot vision and gripping. With automatic learning, we are getting closer to reaching human levels of hand-eye coordination, at higher speed and without fatigue.

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