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We help to improve health and quality of life for people through optimised logistics management

Sanitario y farmacéutico

Demanding regulations

The health, pharmaceuticals and care sector is one of the most regulated areas in the world. It must meet demanding regulations covering its products, storage and procurement.

Traceability and monitoring

Traceability and monitoring of products, as well as maintenance of temperature and meeting hygiene standards are essential in logistics operations.

Specialist management

Specialised management is required in handling, processes and sales channels.


The challenge of cutting costs without sacrificing levels of service and reliability is met by minimising stocks and expired products, and by having reliable information. 

We support healthcare companies and organisations with comprehensive consulting, logistics advice and management of projects for improvement, in order to achieve operational excellence, enhance the quality of healthcare and contribute to people’s health.

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At Lositek we place intralogistics technology and know-how at the service of healthcare facilities to achieve logistical and operational excellence.

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