Storage systems


Any solution in the Smartlog catalogue is flexible, profitable and sustainable: single or multi-depth, single or multi-aisle, self-supporting and stacker crane and smartpallet systems

We offer mini load, single, double, triple or multi-depth and multi-aisle self-supporting and stacker crane solutions, and other more compact, flexible robotic solutions such as smartpallet, which allows movement in all directions and changes of level; in this way, a pallet can be moved anywhere in the storage facility.

Key operations in storage systems:

Taking advantage of space

Ease of access to goods

Choosing the most efficient technology


Innovative robotic technologies for both heavy and light material, in boxes or bins. Smartlog smart solutions are designed to take maximum advantage of the storage space available.


Maximising space

Maximising the efficiency of facilities

Improving inventory control

Boosting profitability

Avoiding problems

WMS Software​​

To achieve even greater efficiency, integrate all logistics operations with our Galys warehouse management software.

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