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AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots) are ideal for constantly-changing warehouses with high product turnover

They perform complex tasks and are able to work highly flexibly. The can avoid obstacles while moving, and are not limited to one specific route as they use navigation algorithms.

Smart AMR

The SmartAMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) is designed to operate autonomously in logistics centers, warehouses, and similar places. They are equipped with sensors, navigation systems, and decision-making capabilities that allow them to move independently and autonomously.

The SmartAMR is used in various applications, where they can efficiently transport goods from one place to another. Its main advantage is its ability to adapt to changing environments and perform repetitive tasks efficiently, which can increase productivity and reduce operating costs in various industries. These robots can be programmed or configured to perform a wide range of functions, making them a versatile tool for process automation in different environments.

Highly optimized design and optimal performance

Safe and reliable

Adaptable to multiple environments

Modular structure and flexible extension. Can incorporate supports for various sets

Fast learning and implementation

High environmental tolerance, suitable for cold storage

AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) are automated devices that move in a guided way on a closed circuit, which depend on software with predefined instructions

They are intended for processes involving the same activity continuously.

Los AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles)

AGVs are suitable for conveying products of any size, weight and volume and are intended for moving large quantities of materials on repetitive routes where human abilities are not required and changes are constant.

AMR/AGVs provide reliable, flexible alternatives to traditional transport systems and are a profitable, safe solution that boosts efficiency, improves working conditions and adapts to future growth because of their modularity and easy integration.

Both solutions can combine storage, restocking, order preparation and returns management functions in an efficient, flexible and scalable way.

Advantages of AMR / AGV

Improved working conditions

Reduced costs

Improved traceability

Maximum safety for people, facilities and products

Improvements in space by removing protective barriers

Flexible configuration and scalability

Return on investment in minimum time

Quick and easy installation

What is the best option for your company?

The Smartlog commitment is aimed at autonomous mobile robotics.

Our catalogue features a range of handling, configuration and load options. Our aim is to offer the option that best meets your needs and requirements.


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