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We support our clients through every stage in the life cycle of the logistics project, from data and needs analysis through to subsequent monitoring, predictive maintenance, constant optimisation and adaptation to new needs.

Our predictive intralogistics technology makes all the difference.

We have our own system for monitoring and predictive management of facilities. We include technologies like total connectivity, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to go even further.

Intralogística predictiva
Intralogística predictiva

Our own warehouse management and monitoring technology based on the exploitation of data, AI and machine learning means the system learns from the operation of all the automated processes in order to propose improvements, plan maintenance tasks, recommend new configurations and predict new scenarios.

Like this we manage to anticipate the future and supply total solutions, as well as making the whole supply chain smart.

This technology represents a fundamental competitive difference.

Generating reports, gettin alerts and resolving incidents

Total quality and traceability of assets

Predictive algorithms to cope with new needs and scenarios

High scalability and analytical capacity for new levels of performance by assets

Predictive maintenance

Proposing improvements, developing new configurations and applications

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