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At Smartlog we offer the possibility of renewing and modernising the warehouse to make it as good as new without any problems.

Renewing and updating equipment and logistics systems helps to prolong their total life cycle.



Renewal packages

We adapt to every need: from a partial renewal up to replacement and complete overhaul of the transport system including mechanical, electrical and control aspects.

Our experts conduct a comprehensive prior diagnostic analysis of the modernisation.

  • Performance starts to fall after 10 to 12 years.
  • Electro-mechanical components deteriorate after 15-18 years.
  • Management systems need to be adapted to new requirements from the 5th year.


From the 5th year onwards these start to become obsolete and their performance deteriorates, nearly always because of changing logistics needs.

At Smartlog we offer:

  • Logistical studies to identify the scenario to be dealt with.
  • New additional functions to develop.
  • Replacement of IT HW.


(Stacker cranes and storage systems). From 10-12 years in general.

Proactive proposals to replace electronic components as they are discontinued.

  • Electronic components: as they are discontinued on the market.
  • Control of existing logistics systems: Replacing the original manufacturer’s control system with a Smartlog one.


Normally, from 15-18 years old, in general. Over time, components deteriorate in use. Most of these part can be replaced afterwards, in preventive and preventive corrective maintenance work.

  • Chains, bearings, roller wheels, cables, geared motors and so on.
  • Forks, carriages, etc..

Diagnosis of needs and consulting

Prior analysis to identify modernisation needs. Personalised support.

Long-term productivity

Renewal can boost productivity, performance – by up to 30% – and the efficiency of logistics automation equipment.

Environmental sustainability

Improving energy efficiency.

A single solution to restore the value of consumer goods.

Any brand

Modernisation programmes adapted to any kind of product and brand on the market.

Minimum problems

Minimum impact on service conditions on the site.

Current regulations

Systems are adapted to the legal regulations applicable at any given time.

Recovering value

Services to restore and liquidate assets to offer retailers a single solution to recover the value of goods and assets.

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