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Sistemas de clasificación

Order sorting systems have the job of directing goods to their destination in the warehouse

Taking into account their contents, identification and current order status. They are versatile, scalable solutions that can be integrated with other equipment and processes.

The Smartlog catalogue is designed for a wide variety of products, sizes, weights in different configurations, individual items or boxes

Above and beyond automation, it features robotic solutions as alternatives for optimisation and goods to person systems.

Sistemas de clasificación


3D Smart Sorter

3D Smart Sorter

The 3D Smart Sorter is a robotic sorter for high volumes of goods with a versatile, modular design suited to sectors operating in e-commerce and reverse logistics environments.

It is a system that allows for flexible, fast and expansion in steps. Robots can be installed, increased or reduced according to demand and offer 99.99% precision and availability.

Advantages of sorting systems

Reliability, precision and efficiency

Reduced operating costs

Lower return rates

Increased client satisfaction

What is the best option for your company?​

Our sorting options are based on autonomous robots and mobile robotics.

We carry out a detailed analysis of all requirements of our customers in order to design the most suitable sorting system.


At Smartlog we embrace disruptive and emerging technologies for our future solutions.

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