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Kakushin is the combination of change (kai) + revolutionary. It means innovation, renewal, disruption

It is not just a matter of changing and implementing new tools and equipment to facilitate the development process, but of radically changing how it is done.

For Smartlog, offering innovative solutions means going beyond convention, it means technological disruption to meet the client’s operational needs.

Implementing the logistics of the future today

Intralogistics automation and digitalisation are key factors in the competitiveness and future of companies. Increasingly modular, flexible and scalable technologies are required, technologies able to adapt quickly to new trends and needs as they emerge on the market.

The appearance of disruptive technologies is bringing with it transformations of which Smartlog is a part. We are currently orienting our catalogue of solutions towards data-based mobile robotics.

Nuevas tecnologías

Oriented towards new technologies

Our solutions feature technologies like Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. We foster connectivity and monitoring in order to be proactive.

Mobile robotics is already a reality in our projects. We are currently working on projects based on biometric verification systems and image processing associated with artificial intelligence and collaborative robotics.

We focus on data-based solutions

Monitoring based on the exploitation of data, artificial intelligence and machine learning enables our predictive management software to learn from the operation of all automated processes, proposing improvements, planning maintenance tasks, recommending new configurations and predicting new scenarios.

Like this we manage to anticipate the future and supply total solutions, as well as making the whole supply chain smart.

Galys, our warehouse management software

We are advancing to make Galys into an increasingly integrative tool, one that offers total solutions to automate the full supply chain, as well as customer service

For us the logistics
of the future is

More sustainable

Sustainability seen from a holistic point of view means lower energy consumption and less emissions, but it also means ensuring sustainable growth and enhancing people’s well-being and quality of life.

A lower carbon footprint

Automation and robotics solutions reduce the carbon footprint of the business.

They make it possible to work without light in the facilities and reduce energy consumption by replacing conventional operations with low-energy robots.

Improved working conditions

Automation helps to improve working conditions and ergonomics by doing away with tedious or strenuous tasks and helps to improve people’s quality of life.

Green logistics

Our contribution to green logistics is to opt for microfulfillment, as this pursues the goal of minimising the time and cost of journeys and boosting efficiency to meet the requirements of orders.

More efficient

Efficient intralogistics means optimising processes, minimising errors and enabling our clients to boost their competitiveness and strengthen their growth prospects.

Our Smartlog solutions boost our client’s level of service and ability to respond. They are designed to take maximum advantage of the storage space available.

More technological

It incorporates all the advantages of new tools and digitalisation, as well as the best technology partners to bring together future-proofed solutions and systems.

Our strategy for the future is clear: we are committed to data-based mobile robotics to automate warehouses, having included these technological solutions in our catalogue.

Connectivity, big data, the internet of things (IoT), biometric verification and image processing systems, autonomous and collaborative robots, as well as artificial intelligence, all form part of our projects.

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