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Smartlog Group establishes a presence in Peru


Smartlog Group moves into Peru to support companies on their way to automating their supply chain

We are all aware of the dizzying changes we are facing in order to meet the demands of the market. Changes in society, technology, population, urban development and sustainability are pushing those responsible for the supply chain to seek solutions to enable them to run warehouses in a flexible, scalable way and focus on making deliveries local and ever faster, via a range of channels.

As part of its strategy to get close to its clients, the Smartlog Group has moved into Peru. Its goal, to work hand in hand with companies and support them on the way to automating their supply chain, with personalised attention and a local service.

Smartlog is positioned as a top company offering solutions in sectors including retail, fashion, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, industrial goods, electronics, logistics operations and aeronautics, working in e-commerce and/or omnichannel environments.

With its headquarters in Urretxu (Basque Country, northern Spain), today it has a presence in Europe and has subsidiaries in Central and South America, as well as in the Middle East and North Africa.

They keys to an automation process as proposed by Smartlog

Our strategy is to get close to our clients. Personalised, direct and local service, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our clients’ satisfaction and their present and future success are our primary goal. Our strategy is to be present wherever our services are needed and act locally in a proactive way, listening to needs whatever each client’s distinctive features. We want to work hand in hand with them to build honest, solid, lasting relations of trust.

We provide direct, personalised, close attention and service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, making a reality of our “end to end” vision throughout the life cycle, from RDi and needs analysis through to implementation of the specific solutions and subsequent follow-up.

  • Analysis and consulting
  • Diagnosis
  • Design and proposal
  • Implementation
  • Follow-up and constant improvement

We provide rapid support on the spot, ensuring maximum availability of the logistics system or solution implemented and rapid action if needed.

Remote assistance makes it possible to correct faults and view the status of machinery installed all over the world, from initial implementation to whatever new needs may emerge. Clients form a constantly-changing ecosystem: their order portfolio, product mix or any other part of this ecosystem can vary.

We offer high availability of spare parts in the region to cut waiting times to a minimum. We also offer corrective and preventive maintenance packages and have our own predictive maintenance technology. On the basis of the information recorded by the robots, systems or automata we can anticipate situations, procedures for action and raise the level of service exponentially. As soon as we detect any change or indication of altered behaviour, we are proactive and report it.

Our service does not have an end point: we want to support you on the path to growth, profitability and the success of your business. We want our clients to have allies in whatever they need, whenever and wherever they need it.

A unique solution for a unique client

At Smartlog Group we provide sustainable, innovative smart intralogistics automation solutions that are fully customised to meet the client’s needs. Every company is unique and therefore its automation automations and solutions must also be unique.

We have an extensive catalogue of equipment and systems to make your warehouse, distribution centre or production site smart.

Our differential value is that we are a one-stop interlocutor for the design, implementation and constant improvement of your supply chain. An independent solutions integration company with solid alliances with top-class associates, suppliers and strategic partners in order to offer the best solution to every challenge.

We have our own methodology to meet any logistical and industrial engineering need. And we stay out in front with Lifecycle Management Service, basing our work on best practices and lean techniques to achieve the best results.

We strive to meet the highest standards on the market to provide maximum reliability and efficiency in products and systems, without losing sight of future prospects for growth and improvement. Our international clients back up the reliability of our solutions.

Our portfolio of products and technologies is aimed at any sector working in e-commerce and/or omnichannel environments, in any operation and with any technology:

  • Order preparation solutions using good to person and picking technologies
  • Sorting solutions based on autonomous and mobile robots
  • Pallet handling with mobile robotics technologies (conveyors, AGV, AMR, AS/RS)
  • Smart AR/SR storage systems, as many solutions as may be necessary, innovative robotics technologies or custom conveyors
  • Transport systems
  • Palletisation

Improvements to processes and automation of materials flow, together with software to optimise productivity, make up the components of each solution.

Make your processes smart

Automation and digitalisation give us a much broader view of our work over time, using a range of reports or KPIs, and above all adaptability enables us to adapt to meet new needs.

We believe that all products must be connected to all the information systems and mechanisms in a company. This is why at Smartlog we have our own Galys warehouse management software, a smart system that can fit into all the company’s existing intralogistics processes in a flexible, scalable way.

Galys is an operations management tool able to automate all the processes in the supply chain, as well as boosting the profitability of the different warehouse operations by always seeking a more efficient process and improved customer service. It is a collaborative system with open interfaces to communicate with other systems in the supply chain, like ERP.

Assuring the logistics of the future

Innovation and technology are part of the Smartlog DNA. Technologies help us to predict situations and take decisions that result in improved reliability, efficiency, profitability and competitiveness in our clients’ businesses, to support them in the logistics of the future.


Our solutions are oriented towards mobile robotics and the use of technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning, focusing our efforts on connectivity and monitoring.


Smartlog has its own RDi team to stay ahead of the increasingly specific, demanding challenges of its clients’ logistics and bases its research projects on connectivity, big data and artificial intelligence.

The data to transform your business

We want our clients to make their businesses profitable, to reinforce their leading positions and to strengthen their prospects of future growth. And we offer them:

Leadership and competitiveness
Automation makes it possible to cut total operating costs (TCO), increasing efficiency and the ability to respond to day-to-day needs. This makes it possible to boost the quality of order preparation and direct and integrate the process of the activity through IT systems, helping to eliminate errors and increase productivity.  All this cements its leading position on the market.

Flexibility and scalability
Automation must be undertaken with a total overview of the whole supply chain. It must cover the flow in all warehouses or points of consumption from the start, meet all handling needs – from pallets to boxes and including unit picking – and, in short, everything that defines the supply chain. At Smartlog we always propose flexible, scalable solutions with an overall vision and an eye to the future.

Efficient smart technology
Mobile and autonomous robotics, artificial intelligence and big data technologies. Maximum availability of equipment, and energy efficiency means reduced emissions.

We make the most of space
Taking maximum advantage of space.

Becoming a sustainable company
Sustainability seen from a holistic point of view means lower energy consumption and less emissions, but it also means ensuring the business lasts, ensuring its survival over the years and enhancing people’s well-being and quality of life. At Smartlog we help you to travel this path.

Growing hand in hand
We supply modular, flexible systems that are quick and easy to install for constant adaptation to changes, trends and regulations on the market, as well as new products or customers. We provide support every step of the way, reviewing the efficiency of facilities and monitoring constantly to help our clients meet their business challenges successfully.

Operations integration software
Galys, our warehouse management software (WMS), manages the whole operations flow, even allowing connection to systems of communication with consumers, and enables predictions to be made.

Worthwhile investments
We ensure that investments are justified and offer rapid returns on investment.

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