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Hola Moda chooses Smartlog to automate its logistics centre


Hola Moda

Logotipo Hola Moda

Industry: Textile and accessories

Implementation: February 2024

Location: Panama

Solution: AutoStore robotic system and Galys, Smartlog's warehouse management software

Hola Moda
Hola Moda is the franchisee for Central America and the Caribbean of the Fast Fashion brand H&M.

After a thorough analysis of their needs, Smartlog has proposed a comprehensive solution that encompasses all aspects of the company’s logistics management. This solution includes Galys, the warehouse management software from the Smartlog Group. Combining its conventional (WMS) and automatic (WCS) modules, and configured to integrate all systems, processes, and technologies, it ensures complete traceability of logistics operations, optimal material flow, and enhanced responsiveness to customers.

Additionally, the following has been implemented:

  • The AutoStore system with 16,400 containers and 22 mobile robots, serving 5 picking stations with a storage capacity of over 500,000 textile pieces and accessories: An intelligent automated storage system that optimizes space by 75% and allows for greater storage capacity. AutoStore’s mobile robots are responsible for picking up and delivering goods to picking stations, increasing process efficiency by a factor of 10.
  • An ergonomic order preparation table to facilitate employees’ work and optimize the order preparation process.
  • An error detection and validation system in the picking process to ensure picking accuracy and minimize errors.
  • A “Put to Wall” system for efficient material sorting in reception and order preparation, optimizing the process and reducing errors.
Sistema robótico AutoStore de Smartlog Group

Logistical challenges

The solution implemented by Smartlog solves the needs to optimize their logistics operations, increase productivity, streamline processes and maximise space, increasing the distribution capacity.

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