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Eroski and Smartlog first Grocery AutoStore in Spain


Eroski, a cooperative distribution company in the supermarket industry, and Smartlog Group, a leading company in intralogistics automation solutions, have reached a collaboration agreement that will be strategic in taking a decisive step towards the future in food distribution. This involves implementing the innovative robotic AutoStore system at their logistics center in Son Morro, Mallorca.

This alliance represents a significant milestone, as Smartlog introduces the first AutoStore robotic system in the food sector in the country.

The solution designed by Smartlog, a state-of-the-art AustoStore, will revolutionize order picking of low-rotation dry goods in Eroski’s distribution centre. The installation of this system is scheduled for the second quarter of 2024.

AutoStore stands out as the highest-density storage system in grocery automation, allowing products to be picked in an automated manner, thus maximizing efficiency in distribution.

To further optimize processes, Smartlog has planned the implementation of its Warehouse Management System (WMS) which will integrate, control, and orchestrate all processes and systems within the picking centre. This will further improve the real-time tracking of inventory, and the current management by expiry date and best-before date of items.

For Eroski, this investment is a response to the need to optimize its grocery distribution services and make efficient use of its space and represents a great leap forward by offering more efficient picking of products, improving the accuracy of orders and enabling more efficient delivery to its supermarkets.

We are very satisfied with this close collaboration with Smartlog to introduce the first AutoStore system in one of our distribution centres. This union demonstrates our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, and it also means we can continue to provide more references and more solutions that allow us to satisfy a greater number of our customers' needs.

This strategic alliance between Eroski and Smartlog marks an important step into the future of food distribution and promises significant benefits for both companies and their customers. Eroski becomes a benchmark for other supermarkets looking to capitalise on the growing demand for its services. The commissioning of this facility in the second quarter of 2024 will be a further step in the evolution of the food sector and logistics automation.

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