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5G centre of excellence for intralogistics


The Smartlog group is pioneering the setting up of a 5G centre of excellence for intralogistics, together with Fujitsu Technology Solutions.

  • Smartlog’s 5G showroom is the first implementation in Europe of a 5G SA (stand alone) private network, combining IoT systems with mobile robotics integrated into the network.
  • It is an experimental centre and laboratory at the service of clients and companies seeking digital transformation of their systems. It will allow the creation of more precise, efficient solutions in the manufacturing and logistics industry.
  • The use of technologies combining, among others: IoT, RFID, 4K CCTV (advanced image processing) with data analysis tools and AI applied to optimising intralogistics services, makes it possible to develop innovative, high-quality and more efficient solutions.

The first implementation in Europe of a 5G SA (stand alone) private network

The considerable increase in the amount of data to process generated within the industrial and logistics sector, together with the rise of digitalisation in today’s society, make it necessary to seek new ways of communicating that allow businesses to adapt to a real digital transformation of their infrastructures.

In this context, this June is to see the start of the project to set up the 5G SA showroom, signed by the Smartlog group and Fujitsu Technology Solutions in December 2022. This initiative is to form the basis of the first 5G SA (stand alone) private network in Europe.

This is proof of the Smartlog’s strong commitment to digital transformation in logistics and warehouse management services by designing more flexible, autonomous and efficient operations facilities.

The adoption of latest-generation 5G technology means we can create a digital ecosystem to interconnect the company’s different assets, allowing data to be compiled, analysed and monitored in real time securely and effectively, thanks to the use of artificial intelligence. This ensures improved performance and efficiency, at the same time protecting the privacy of data.

The solutions available in the showroom will include our own warehouse management software packages and our end to end monitoring system featuring advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, iIoT (industrial Internet of Things) and 5G technology.

The management and optimisation software implemented at our experimental centre offers real-time data on the status of assets and, thanks to centralised control, generates valuable KPIs such as production line performance, emissions and use of resources. These aspects are critical to ensure safety in the plant and well-being for employees and society in general.

Specifically, this centre using E5G technology will use AI artificial vision technology from the start for traceability, biometric identification and generation of behaviour parameters for machinery and operators:

  • Traceability of assets. It delivers exhaustive monitoring of each of them through a service network that can locate them and monitor their custody chain. It also facilitates the automation of incoming goods and despatch tasks, optimisation and supervision in areas such as the time spent on tasks and work routes, all with the aim of cutting operating costs.
  • Biometric identification. E5G allows the use of cutting-edge identification technologies using image and voice to control user registration and login authentication. It includes extra verification of incoming vehicles in addition to that already carried out on the number plate. The system helps to trace assets and detect people who should not be in the work environment, as well as company personnel in hazardous or restricted areas.
  • Behaviour parameters. By using AI in the analysis of images by Fujitsu algorithms, the system is able to identify these parameters in different operations, circuits and times. It is also possible to produce proposed improvements to routes, product distribution on shelves, picking sequences and ergonomic efficiency in associated efforts.

At the service of clients and partners

Smartlog offers its clients and partners this development laboratory and centre of excellence, which we call Showroom 5G, located in Urretxu (Gipuzkoa province, Spain), to carry out implementation trials for future success stories associated with digital change in digital and manufacturing environments.

This solution features latest-generation technology to detect images, items and view people, with a view to enhancing the efficiency of logistics processes. Cynersecurity is also a priority at Showroom 5G, allowing it to guarantee that our clients’ data and information is protected.

Visitors can create personalised practical cases aimed at different sectors, and carry out trials and experiments in a realistic but controlled environment. Moreover, the laboratory has data analysis capacity that allows it to extract information of value in decision-making about their business.

Digital innovation must create value for our clients, but also improve working conditions for the people who interact with our systems and solutions. Integrating autonomous robots equipped with 4K cameras into our SGA platform to facilitate picking and reduce physical effort while at the same time being safe for both people and goods will make our clients' work easier and more efficient. Our private 5G takes the safety level and secure handling capacity of AMR fleets to the next level.

It gives us great satisfaction to work with Smartlog on making this private 5G SA environment a reality. On the basis of a latest-generation communications infrastructure we help to put into practice the innovation possibilities our client has when they make use of our AI and data processing technologies and our people's know-how in the use of latest-generation technologies.

Features of Fujitsu private 5G

  • A private, secure, independent solution.
  • 5G Stand Alone technology.
  • High speed, low latency and the ability to absorb a massive volume of sensors.
  • Complete solution, hardware, software, installation, configuration, security, practical cases and uses.
  • Real-time management of critical and non-critical events.
  • Interoperability with media, environments or assets.
  • Edge processing of critical applications.
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