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We are ARME members


Smartlog joins ARME, the Spanish Mobile Robotics Association, to reinforce its strategic commitment to this technology

The Smartlog Group joins ARME, the Spanish Mobile Robotics Association, in order to reinforce its strategic commitment to the future of mobile robotics.

ARME’s mission is to turn Spain into a world benchmark for mobile robotics, and being a member of it will enable Smartlog to create synergies and find new paths, closely aligned with the challenges of the future.

As an innovative smart intralogistics solutions integration company, the Smartlog Group constantly monitors the latest technological advances. Its aim is to provide clients with the most cutting-edge solutions and disruptive technologies on the market. Connectivity, big data, the internet of things (IoT), biometric verification and image processing systems, autonomous and collaborative robots, as well as artificial intelligence, are just some examples of this.

The benefits offered by these technologies are immense and unlimited. Productivity, speed, flexibility and scalability go hand in hand with total availability and reliability of the systems. Mobile robotics solutions offer availability levels close to 100% in any logistics system, allowing them to work without a break 24 hours a day, 3655 days a year.

If an error or fault occurs in a robot, the system does not stop, though activity may drop noticeably and some goods may be affected, but the rest carries on working. And if there is a replacement in stock, operations can be quickly restored to their starting point.

In the words of Xabier Zubizarreta, CEO of the Smartlog Group, “We opt for data-based mobile robotics to automate warehouses and we are adding more and more technological solutions of this kind to our catalogue because we believe this is the future. First of all the competitive variables of price, cost and time are improving all at once. We share with ARME the values of commitment, proactiveness, a vocation for customer service and excellence. We have our sights set on the future and we continue to forge closer links and seek the best partners to stay in front and offer our clients success.

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