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Smartlog notches up 8 years of growth and innovation in the logistics automation business

  • Since its founding in 2016, Smartlog Group has increased its turnover in double figures every year.
  • 122 people now work in the group, with a presence in Europe and subsidiaries in Latin America, the Middle East and North Africa.
  • With the opening of its Experimental Centre at the corporate headquarters in Urretxu, Smartlog continues to advance in its Logistics 5.0 model, with innovative, sustainable solutions based on AI and a range of technologies.

Urretxu, 9th May 2024.- It’s celebration time at Smartlog Group as we reach our eighth anniversary. A time of constant evolution marked by growth, innovation and leadership in the logistics automation business. During this period we have achieved major milestones and a positive impact on industry.

Since our beginnings in 2016, we’ve seen exponential growth, with double-digit increases in turnover every year. With over 170 installations implemented in more than 15 countries and a presence in over 40 business sectors, our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has contributed to success for 130 customers.

Our workforce has also grown, going from 2 founding partners to 122 people in the group, with a presence in Europe and subsidiaries in Latin America, the Middle East and North Africa. 2022 was a key year in establishing a solid base and starting out in France, to further advance our presence in Southern Europe and in the second quarter of 2024 Smartlog will be arriving in Mexico, marking another significant step in our strategy of internationalisation.

We would also highlight the acquisition of key businesses like Sinpel, Dinaiz, WIS (management and monitoring software companies) and Lositek (healthcare solutions), strengthening our portfolio and positioning us as leaders in the logistics industry.

As well as solutions for logistics centres, we offer healthcare solutions intended to automate the dispensing of medicines in hospitals, as well as automation of production lines in the aerospace, automotive, offshore wind and maritime sectors.

We have a comprehensive catalogue of technologies including AutoStore, Smartsorter, Smartpallet, SmartAMR and vertical storage systems, as well as more conventional solutions such as AR/SR, transport systems and so on, plus cyber-security and renovation of facilities.

With the incorporation of the firm WIS in the group, we are moving towards development of a powerful software suite to manage and exploit data, featuring advanced technologies including artificial intelligence, machine learning, iIoT (industrial Internet of Things), with the aim of making logistics increasingly resilient, with a capacity of its own to anticipate and adapt to unexpected events using AI.

Soluciones intralogísticas inteligentes de Smartlog Group

More than 25 installations of AutoStore by Smartlog

We have become the foremost implementers in Spain of the AutoStore robot storage and order preparation system. We have achieved pioneering milestones with more than 25 installations of AutoStore, including the first AutoStore in Uruguay, Panama and the Dominican Republic, as well as the first controlled-temperature AutoStore in Spain. Another achievement is the first grocery AutoStore in Spain, highlighting our commitment to diversification and adaptability.

AutoStore, our robot storage and order preparation system stands out as the fastest and densest system per square metre in the world, boosting warehousing capacity by up to 400%. The efficiency of our solutions is reflected in an availability rate of 99.7%, boosting productivity by up to 2.5 times.

Smartpallet, the first installations this year

Smartpallet is an innovative multi-directional robot system for storage, handling and pallet order preparation. Its revolutionary design allows multi-directional movements and travel between levels, giving the flexibility of moving any pallet to any storage space in the system. Moreover, its ability to move loads weighing up to 1,500 kg ensure outstanding performance in demanding logistics environments.

The first two pioneering systems will be implemented in Spain this year.

5G Experimental Centre

Artificial Intelligence is a key ally in our solutions, as shown by the 5G Experimental Centre set up at our headquarters in Urretxu, where we have incorporated technologies including artificial vision for traceability, biometric identification and generation of machine and operator behaviour parameters.

Moreover, 5G technology enables us to create Zero Trust architecture environments in cyber-security terms, using a network where communication is only using authenticated elements. This solution helps to boost the efficiency of logistics processes across the board.

AI allows tasks to be automated, improves informed decision-making and adds predictive abilities to our solutions. It also allows us to anticipate disruption of processes, boosting efficiency and offering more adaptable, competitive logistics.

A sustainable model oriented towards people's welfare

This year, Smartlog Group has incorporated sustainability as a central pillar of our strategy for the future, adopting a total view that takes into account, among many other things, environmental sustainability, safety at work, customer well-being and corporate social responsibility. Our goal is to have a lasting positive impact on society and assure the well-being of future generations.

In line with this, we will continue to grow and expand into new markets and go on investing in innovation and technology, to offer our customers the best possible solutions.

Our purpose is the “Create a sustainable, resilient new logistics focused on people’s well-being.” This approach, known as Logistics 5.0, is reflected in our intralogistics solutions, which are designed to be efficient, sustainable and smart, contributing to our customers’ success and to well-being for all.

Smartlog provides unique intralogistics solutions and services using the most innovative technologies. Our commitment is to offer personalised, local and unlimited service, to make processes more sustainable, smarter and more resilient in order to contribute to the success of businesses.

Important milestones

  • Year founded: 2016 – 8 years of history
  • 10 companies in the Group
  • Headquarters in Spain
  • Presence in Europe and soon in Mexico
  • Subsidiaries in Uruguay, Panama, Peru, Colombia, MENA and North Africa
  • 4 industrial diversification companies
  • Over 170 installations in more than 15 countries and 40 sectors

More than 25 AutoStore installations

  • Leading AutoStore implementers in Spain
  • First AutoStore in Uruguay – Agricultural machinery sector
  • First AutoStore in Panama – Fashion sector
  • First AutoStore in the Dominican Republic – Pharmaceutical distribution
  • First AutoStore in Puerto Rico – Grocery
  • First controlled-temperature AutoStore in Spain – Vaccine laboratory
  • First grocery AutoStore in Spain
  • First 425 mm R5+ AutoStore in Spain

The first Smartpallets in Spain

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