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SELENE new AutoStore implementation in Spain


SELENE trusts Smartlog for the automation of its new logistics centre in Egüés (Navarra).

  • The Smartlog solution will help this leading lingerie and underwear brand optimise the storage and preparation of garments.
  • It is a customised and scalable system, including maintenance and the Galys warehouse management software.
  • It will be fully operational by the end of 2024, marking a milestone by increasing efficiency, accuracy, and productivity.

At Smartlog, we are pleased to announce a new AutoStore implementation in Spain, our industrial solution for warehouse order management automation.

SELENE, a leader company in the lingerie and underwear sector, has signed an agreement with us to implement a state-of-the-art AutoStore system in its new logistics centre in Egüés, Navarra. This automated solution will optimise operations, especially in handling items such as bras and underwear.

This project, expected to be fully operational by the end of 2024, will mark a milestone by increasing the efficiency, accuracy, and productivity of SELENE’s order preparation.

SELENE confía en Smartlog para su nuevo centro logístico

A scalable system to meet changing needs

The selected AutoStore system is configured with 5,600 bins, ten robots, two carousel ports, and one conveyor port, equipped with the Picking Projection System (PPS). This initial configuration will allow SELENE to process its current need for 60 orders per day, optimising the picking of single and two-unit lines, with the flexibility to scale up to meet future growth.

The agreement also includes a maintenance contract and the Galys warehouse management software, ensuring comprehensive control and tracking throughout every step of the logistics process. These solutions, fully customised to their needs, will enable SELENE to significantly increase its storage and order picking capacity, ensuring greater agility and accuracy in handling of items, and a notable reduction in the margin of error.

Smartlog’s AutoStore system provides multiple advantages that transform the work environment: from automation that frees employees for higher-value tasks to improved ergonomics and workplace safety, minimising the risk of injuries by reducing the need to lift and transport heavy items. Additionally, the system operates 24/7, exponentially increasing productivity.

"With the implementation of AutoStore, we will optimise the efficiency and accuracy of our logistics, preparing SELENE for the future and ensuring we can continue to meet the demands of the intimate fashion market with maximum effectiveness.
This project is a clear testimony to our effort to remain pioneers in innovation and continuously improve the quality of our service and the satisfaction of all our customers worldwide.

We are delighted to support SELENE in this project. Our solution is designed to deliver efficiency and scalability that adapts to the evolving needs of our clients.
This collaboration reflects our commitment to help our clients improve their daily operations, drive sustainable growth, and enhance the overall customer experience. Seeing SELENE achieve and exceed their logistics goals with our technology is, ultimately, the validation of the value proposition and innovation we bring to the market.

About SELENE: A Commitment to innovation and excellence

Since its founding in 1979, SELENE has been synonymous with quality, comfort, and cutting-edge design in lingerie and underwear. With over 40 years of experience, SELENE has consolidated its position as the leading brand in terms of turnover at the national level, standing out not only in the Spanish market but also internationally. Its commitment to innovation and excellence is reflected in every design and the selection of high-quality raw materials that guarantee comfort and sensuality.

The implementation of the AutoStore system represents another step in this ongoing commitment, enabling SELENE to optimise its logistics and provide even better service to its customers, strengthening its position as an undisputed leader in the textile industry. This technological advancement underlines SELENE’s philosophy of anticipating and exceeding customer expectations, ensuring that each product not only meets the highest quality standards but also offers an exceptional experience.

As a manufacturer and exporter, SELENE brings Spanish innovation and quality to customers worldwide, reaffirming its reputation as a prestigious and trusted brand. The constant evolution of its products and its focus on customer satisfaction are the pillars that sustain SELENE as a leader in women’s underwear, committed to dressing women’s interiors impeccably and stylishly.

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