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Green energy at Smartlog


Thanks to the implementation of photovoltaic panels on our premises, Smartlog will become a green energy company.

At a time when the climate crisis remains a key issue, it is more important than ever to take measures to reduce our environmental impact. As a sign of this commitment, we have just started the first stage of the project to install photovoltaic panels on the roof of our headquarters in Urretxu-Spain, to become a clean energy company.

To monitor energy consumption data and renewable energy production on a daily, monthly and annual basis, the system will include cloud monitoring software and an app for mobile devices.

The installed power will enable annual energy savings of more than 22,000 kWh resulting in a reduction of 18,000 kg of CO2 emissions.

At Smartlog Group, we want to actively contribute to the protection of the environment. The solutions we incorporate in our catalogue are aimed not only at minimizing the environmental impact of our customers’ processes, but also at improving the safety, ergonomics, and visibility of operators.

Making appropriate use of natural resources, minimizing our impact, and preserving the natural environment, as well as the action and awareness of the people who make up the organization are some of the issues that are on our roadmap.

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