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Goizper, overhaul of its storage system

November 2022



Logotipo Grupo Goizper

Sector: Industry

Goizper chooses Smartlog to overhaul its storage system after nearly three decades in operation.

Goizper is a cooperative that has grown considerably in recent years, becoming a group structured around different businesses: Industrial, Spraying and Biotechnology. It currently works in the locality of Antzuola, in Gipuzkoa province, from which it provides a quality service on five continents. It stands out for its own technology and for the reliability of its products.

Smartlog has overhauled the Goizper storage system after 29 years in operation.

The overhaul carried out consisted of:

Stacker crane control.

The stacker crane control system has been updated to make it convenient and safe for the client. While it was being set up it was ensured that the old system could work alongside the new one.

The new control system includes commercial features to offer the client maximum autonomy in spare parts and technical support.

It allows retrieval of system data to see its current status.

Warehouse management software.

The warehouse management software was also updated, adding new features and replacing the IT hardware. This software contains the database for all existing equipment and systems, as well as order management and the necessary movements.

Conveyor system control.

The conveyor control system was updated and the old offboard box with a fixed HMI screen was replaced with a mobile HMI screen with a remote connection and the option of controlling the equipment remotely or locally. This new HMI device allows viewing and editing of machine parameters, orders in progress and error list. It allows remote connection.

Caso de éxito - Goizper

Benefits offered

  • Costs were cut by reducing the number of incidents and shut-downs.
  • New features were added.
  • Value was added to the system.
  • Maximum autonomy in spare parts and support.
  • Maximum availability of data across the system.
  • Local and remote operation.
Caso de éxito - Goizper

It was very easy to work with the Smartlog team. Implementation was carried out safely and conveniently, as we were able to work with the old system alongside the new one. We are proud to have taken this step and modernised our logistics system. We have certainly cut down on problems, added new features and added value to our system. It also offered us maximum autonomy in spare parts and support.

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