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Factory Logistics, the Smartlog group’s new line of business


Smartlog Group is launching a new line of business, offering intralogistics solutions for automation, digitalisation and optimisation of production lines in industrial sectors including aeronautics, shipbuilding, automotive and offshore wind.

The experience and capacity it has built up, together with a high degree of know-how in industrial processes and professional rigour, have been the key factors in setting up this new line of business. Smartlog Factory Logistics is set up with the aim of providing innovative intralogistics solutions intended to help manufacturing companies where efficiency in production is the key to consolidation and growth.

The Smartlog group is characterised by supporting clients throughout the life cycle, offering turnkey solutions using the most advanced technology while making it all easy and accessible to clients. From needs analysis to implementation, always seeking to assure availability and constant improvement, as well as ongoing adaptation to new needs.

Its catalogue of solutions, technologies and services is aimed at optimising processes, boosting productivity and cutting overall operating costs to ensure sustainable growth for companies.

Specialist consulting

Smartlog Factory Logistics is set up as an independent full-spectrum consultancy with vast knowledge of production processes and their control. It uses a flexible, personalised project management methodology, and undertakes to guarantee excellence in results and the success of its solutions.

This methodology includes a painstaking analysis of the requirements of production processes, critical points and the milestones to achieve for the items to be manufactured or assembled to begin their processes in line with plant planning. With the information gained from this analysis, solutions with an overall vision are designed, solutions that feature different approaches and consider different technologies to optimise the intralogistics inherent to production processes, considerably cutting total operating costs. Not without first assuring rapid return on investment.

Flexibility and scalability. Mobile robotics

The solutions proposed are oriented towards mobile robotics and the exploitation of data, in the conviction that this is the key combination for companies’ future.

Companies need to cut time spent on order handling and inventory maintenance. They also need to raise the availability rates of parts and materials at the time and in the place where they are needed, and to increase the agility of their response in terms of both delivering orders and variations in demand.

Robotics solutions in fact offer efficiency, flexibility and scalability, and therefore allow more efficient, sustainable production lines, with a considerable reduction in total costs – fundamental factors in manufacturing industries.

Flexibility to adapt to different production equipment in manufacturing environments subject to changes or incidents. Scalability to grow in line with needs and adapt to new market challenges. And efficiency to boost productivity and speed.

Also important are reducing carbon footprint, availability and improved safety and ergonomics for people.

Its robotics propositions include AMR (autonomous mobile robots), AGV (autonomous guided vehicles) and stacker crane systems for FMS flexible manufacturing systems) solutions able to meet part handling and transport needs in different production environments at the same time. Versatile solutions that offer a range of options and constructions to adapt to the requirements of flexible production lines.¬

Galys suite

Galys is smart software that can communicate with all the company’s existing intralogistics processes in a flexible, scalable way. A collaborative tool able to integrate, control and manage supply chain operations, as well as boosting the profitability of the different production lines by seeking a more efficient process and improved service at all times.

It is a collaborative system with open interfaces to communicate with other systems like ERP from the reception of goods to their supply, through internal transport. An intuitive, graphic and easy-to-use tool containing large amounts of data to monitor, view and optimise countless processes.

It provides real-time information online about what parts must be available, how and where, controls the flow of materials and inventories and is able to incorporate modifications to cope with peaks and variations in activity.

Towards Industry 5.0. Predictive management

Real-time connection, control of logistics management and increasingly tight, error-free production lines are other requirements of major manufacturing companies. Smartlog’s Smart Factory Logistics goes a step further to offer collaborative smart systems based on the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to keep production lines and the internal supply chain connected.

These technologies not only allow efficient, preventive management of facilities, but make it possible to detect patterns for predictive maintenance of production lines.

Smartlog Factory Logistics also features its own system for monitoring and predictive management to make the whole production chain smart. This technology allows the system to learn how all assets and processes work.¬¬

This platform makes it possible to offer total quality and traceability of assets, high scalability and analytical capacity of new levels of performance. It is also possible to generate reports, receive alerts and resolve incidents, as well as generating behaviour patterns and algorithms to identify trends, recommend changes and new configurations and predict new needs and scenarios.¬¬¬

A way of anticipating the future and supply global solutions, by making the whole supply chain smart. Industry 5.0 is already here.

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