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Conway expands logistics efficiency with Smartlog


Conway expands logistics capabilities with Smartlog for unprecedented efficiency

Smartlog, a pioneer in intelligent logistics technologies, is pleased to announce the upcoming implementation of its innovative intralogistics solutions at Conway The Convenience Company, a leader in the convenience and catering market in Spain. This strategic project aims to expand the capacity and optimise the efficiency of Conway The Convenience Company’s logistics processes, focusing on dry goods warehousing.

In response to a warehouse with high occupancy levels and increasing operational complexity due to its expanding customer base, Conway The Convenience Company has chosen Smartlog to implement a state-of-the-art end-to-end solution that will transform its logistics model to a “product-to-person” approach.

The collaboration will focus on implementing an advanced warehouse management system, robotic automation and preventive analytics tools. These technologies will increase Conway The Convenience Company’s responsiveness to market demands and significantly enhance the end customer experience.

Smartlog’s innovative technologies include the AutoStore high-density automated storage and picking system, as well as ergonomic workstations that optimise space and allow quick and efficient access to products, improving productivity and accuracy, and relieving employees of repetitive tasks. In addition, adjustable lift tables at each picking and induction station and integrated conveyor systems ensure smooth and efficient material flow.

Automated case erectors will also be supplied to significantly reduce manual time and effort, and Galys’ own Warehouse Management System (WMS) to optimise inventory management and order planning, providing real-time information for effective decision making.

While the implementation of these solutions has yet to be realised, significant improvements to Conway The Convenience Company’s logistics operations are anticipated, including an estimated 40% reduction in order processing time and inventory accuracy and availability reaching 99.5%, further enhancing customer satisfaction.

We are excited to see how our solutions will empower Conway to overcome its logistics challenges and set new standards in efficiency and customer satisfaction. Working with Conway to define this advanced solution has been an enriching experience and we are proud to contribute to their success.

We look forward to seeing how this logistics transformation will improve our operational efficiency. At Conway, customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we see Smartlog as a key partner in this exciting journey of innovation, which will allow us to simplify our processes and raise the quality of our service by ensuring more accurate deliveries. With this collaboration, and the flexibility that Autostore offers us, we will be able to grow with our customers to support their long-term development plans.

Conway The Convenience Company, líder en el mercado de la conveniencia y restauración organizada en España

The adoption of these technologies reflects Conway The Convenience Company’s commitment to innovation and operational excellence. This collaboration with Smartlog is a further step towards optimising the supply chain and adapting processes to meet the needs of its customers in the foodservice and convenience sectors. With an unwavering commitment to quality and proactivity, Conway The Convenience Company continues to set the standard in efficient and reliable distribution services.

The collaboration between Smartlog and Conway The Convenience Company is set to be a great success, setting a new standard for efficiency, accuracy and customer satisfaction. Smartlog, specialising in warehouse automation and predictive analytics solutions, once again demonstrates its commitment to innovation and operational excellence, helping its customers overcome logistics challenges and achieve new levels of efficiency, productivity and profitability.

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